In 2010, 18 year old filmmaker Clint Jones, filmed epic viral DSLR video hit Cardboard Warfare,
a military battlefield shoot-em-up with cardboard prop weapons.

Using a Canon T2i DLSR camera and kit lens edited with Adobe Premiere and effects from
Video Co-Pilot. There is nothing flimsy about the end result as shown below, this short film
has racked up close to 7 million views on Youtube.

Clint who was the writer, director, DP, camera man, editor, sound designer, and
visual effects artist for this project, plus also managed to get a behind the scene for this
done showing some of the VFX and a prop making guide to creating the weapons featured
in Cardboard Warfare.

Cardboard Warfare

Cardboard Warfare- Behind the Scenes with VFX tutorial and DIY weapons guide.

Whislt not exactly Act Of Valor by Shane Hurlburt of Hurlburt Visuals which also
has an army theme. It’s amazing what can be achieved shooting with DSLR camera and
exploring and experimenting with ideas and filmmaking on a low to no budget.

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