Mobile filmmaking is becoming increasing popular due to
the fact that you can do it all with one device, that record film
or video, edits, colour corrects then can be uploaded to Youtube
or shared with friends.

Below are some video examples of filmmaking and movie
production using smartphones.

See how to shoot a film with an iPhone here.

One of my favourites here

Apple Of My Eye, that as well as being shot and edited on
the iphone you get to see the behind the scenes as well.

Shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 4 / iMovie App (in 48 hours).

Citizenship journalism has been another mobile video
making avenue that has risen with development of video
recording enable phones pre HD revolution and also being
used by traditional journalist to report live from events,
where a camera crew is not present.

There also the term cinephilm that refers to cell phone
film production that is proving a huge in Africa creating
it owns fanbase, screening and making filmmaking
and storytelling both accessible and affordable.

African filmmaking in the 21st century with social media
and digital technology equips many with exciting opportunities
share culture, ideas and differring perspectives on life as well.

Leading to a growth in DIY filmmaking, screenings, festivals and online communities underpinned via social networks and video messaging.

Just as with dslr cameras being used as dslr video and
filmmaking tools, you also have an accessory market supporting
the mobile filmmaking sector.

The Owle Bubo all in one multifunction iphone filmmaker
device for mic, light and tripod great for all round
filmmaking. See review here.

OlloClip – lens adapters for iPhone

Mobislyder slider for smartphones

Phocus – lens recording case for iPhone

See festivals links here to dedicated mobile filmmaking.

iPhone FIlm Festival

IndiePhone Film Festival

Original iPhone Film Festival

Pocket Films Festival

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