Jeff Cable cover “The 15 features of your DSLR that you need to know”.

A great overview and introduction to capturing great images, by knowing these basics.
Even seasoned professionals have to become familiar with each new camera body, so that
they can react to almost any situation and shoot without delay.

This video covers the most important buttons, menus and dials of your DSLR from
the shooting modes, to exposure compensation and flash control. Master the controls on
your DSLR camera and start shooting in creative ways. Jeff shoots with Canon cameras,
but the information applies to most newer DSLR cameras, regardless of brand.

Play about how with aperture priory vs shutter priorty, see how you can draw the viewers eye
to where you want and be more effective in storytelling and shooting purposeful images.

Explains also the advantage of burst mode and how ISO has improved more recently
and how to benefit from this in new cameras recently released.

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