Flex shot image for dslr, led, mobile and camera mount

The flex shot mouldable mount suitable for the dslr, video, tablet and
smartphone stabilization.

New Possibilities! Mold, flex, form stand to any surface in any direction.
Use flex shot with cameras, phones, small tablets and more. flex shot’s design allows
center of gravity to shift as the base is molded, retaining any shape until the user returns
the base to its original shape with a gentle coaxing.

It keeps your camera, phone, or tablet stabilized, yet flexible with as many uses as one
can imagine.

See demo video below.

This fun lightweight but sturdy device will definitely be a challenger to
the famous gorillapod, that many have been using for awhile. No doubt
will be a useful optional accessory for whatever you plan to photograph
or video or maybe as handsfree device for your phone or tablet.

Built to last, flex shot is made from a durable class of easily cleaned industrial rubber.
It’s waterproof and fully submersible. The anodized aluminum top is corrosion resistant
for extended life. From round surfaces to uneven terrain flex shot holds up to any rugged

Designed for mobility, convenience, and practicality flex shot is a lifestyle accessory for
work and play.

Say goodbye to worrying about uneven, slippery, rocky, or lopsided surfaces.

With flex shot any surface is your playground.

More info can be found here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1570438604/flex-shot

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